Specialist in Structural Timber Installations

Accreditations – ‘Installer of the Year’ STA Awards 2017


Mint were contracted by KLH UK Ltd to install a new CLT, Glulam and steel structure at Stephen Perse Foundation School in the centre of Cambridge. The site is set within an urban context among two and three storey residential properties on Bentinck Street, Coronation Street and Panton Street.

Stephen Perse Foundation School extension consisted of CLT, Glulam and steel frame that was programmed to be completed in 15 weeks.

The building included 8 metre high CLT sports hall panels erected on top of a 3m high concrete plinth wall. The roof consisted of 3 piece steel trusses bolted together on site before installation . There were 3 types of trusses which were pre-tensioned to take specific loads. The flat roof consisted of CLT panels and a steel frame to form the roof top sports field.

The entrance area and student hub consisted of an intricate glulam and steel frame which when completed, gave the entrance a modern innovative feel.

The project was technically challenging. The Glulam structure was connected with hidden fixings and the beams had to be kept in pristine condition during construction. This was achieved by wrapping the beams in breather membrane to protect from sun bleach and water marks.  Approximately 65% of the classroom and sports hall walls were all visual. The panels were delivered face down to avoid sun bleaching. As each panel was installed, it was covered in a breather membrane to protect from sun bleach.

When the installation was complete, the breather membranes were removed and the panels were consistently the same colour saving hours of preparation. The steel roof trusses over the sports hall had to take different loads. Some took the load of the roof top sports field, others took the load of the additional classrooms. Each set of steel trusses were pre-tensioned to take the different loads. When first placed, they sat at different levels. Once the loadings were applied, the trusses sat at the same level. Each panel connection had a specific fixing method. These were detailed on individual sheets and strictly adhered to and checked by our on site team leader. The whole project was installed without any external scaffold with the use of scissor lifts, cherry pickers and temporary edge protection. The installation methodology was strictly adhered to avoid any risks to the operatives.

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